Sercan Celebi - Founder of Oy ve Otesi

Martial arts are irreplaceable for me both from a strength/physical health and mental balance/focus perspectives. To this point, training with Egemen Barnok, whose work discipline, unique talent for teaching, technical knowledge and more importantly the fact that he combines these attributes, has been challenging and fun in a variety of aspects. 

Since day one, we have worked on our gym, our second home, "The Last Round" together. We prioritized hygiene, comfort, and need-based development for equipment and training space. We expanded our team with people who came along for the right reasons, who held up respect and team spirit in their work. All these combined, this is an experience I can whole-heartedly and peacefully recommend even to my closest friends. If you are interested, it is time to at least give it a try.  



Mehmet Can Ege - Jacobs Douwe Egberts Trade Marketing Executive

The Last Round hols a special place among martial arts schools of its kind. It is a place where Egos are in the background, and the instructors will go the extra mile for your improvement. There is a constant camaraderie and respect between its members.This positive atmosphere enables us to focus on our craft. Whether you are hobbyist trying to relieve stress after a long day of work or a competitive athlete looking for success, you can safely reach your goals here.

The Last Round is a true martial arts academy where iron sharpens iron, where the sweat and hard work on the mat translates into success. I'm so glad to be a part of this family, and I wholeheartedly recommend The Last Round to anyone looking to study martial arts.

Media Raccoon